So it turns out this is why the author of Dragon Ball doesn’t dare to let Vegeta leave forever.

Akira Toriyama is renowned for always giving second chances to certain characters, including the iconic Vegeta. The story of the Saiyan prince’s return is particularly special, standing out among other characters like Yamcha and Krillin. Vegeta’s resurrection is heavily intertwined with the love of fans.

In the main storyline of Dragon Ball, Vegeta has died a total of 3 times, not counting alternate timelines and the epic adventures of Dragon Ball GT. Each return of the “Saiyan prince” has its reasons, whether through wishes to the dragon gods or Whis’s time manipulation.

Influence from fans

A special one-page manga, created to commemorate 30 years of commercial licensing, shed light on a very practical reason: fans’ affection for Vegeta. In this special edition, Akira Toriyama drew himself alongside Goku, Vegeta, and Frieza, discussing the peculiarities of creating the manga. Vegeta, always straightforward, mentioned that Toriyama feared disappointing fans by permanently ending his character. Frieza even jokingly remarked that his own death was necessary sacrifice to keep Vegeta alive. And it’s clear that Toriyama agrees, as the author doesn’t refute the accusation.

Vegeta has always held a special place in the hearts of fans. In many cases, this wouldn’t be enough to save a character. But the passion fans have for the Saiyan prince goes further, ensuring his significant role in Dragon Ball over the years, despite initially not being considered a main character.

His path to redemption and rivalry with Goku are standout points of the series, making his deaths (and resurrections) notable moments.

Vegeta: Beyond a character

Akira Toriyama’s work – Dragon Ball – is legendary, influencing multiple generations and defining the genre. While the deaths of characters like Krillin and Yamcha often become jokes, the potential loss of Vegeta forever carries too significant consequences to ignore.

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